Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

It was a quiet weekend, for the most part.

Thursday we went to Ballet Austin. It was an interesting show, but I had no business being there. Ballet Austin is searching for a new choreographer, and so was having a weighted competition. Three choreographers were being given a shot, and so it was three separate short pieces and a vote. I, of course, know nothing about dance.

I wound up voting for a gentleman from Russia. He seemed well aware of the challenge and opportunity before him, and so asked his dancers to kill themselves for twenty-odd minutes of some proabably over the top choreography. He picked a universal, straightforward theme he could abstract from (the weather), and completely filled his timeslot.

The second choreographer put together a program that included a track of music which seemed too distracting (it was a re-mixed C-Span audio clip of some statesman discussing failure of the super powers in the middle-east and Afghanistan). It was intended to get you to think, but I wound up listening to the pre-recorded voice and analyzing the speaker's comments, and wound up ignoring what was on stage.

The third was similar to the first choreographer, but less focused. It was a tight decision, but, again, I voted for the first guy.

There were also judges whose opinion counted heavily. I will be watching to see who gets the job. Here's a note, Ballet Austin: I will actually pay to see the first choreographer's work again in the future.

Friday night we did our usual bit of staying in. It seems we went out to eat, maybe... Honestly, I don't really recall. It was a long week at work, and I'm wrapping several things up.

Saturday was rainy and awful. We went to see Persepolis, which I highly, highly recommend. It directly captured the graphic novel and used the animation of the images from the comic incredibly well. My hat is off to the director and Sartapi.

Later, we met up with Letty, Juan, Matt, Nicole and Jason at Habana on S. Congress. We had fun, but the drinks were ridiculously expensive, which... well, the League ran up a tab. And nobody liked my impression of Arnie on the side of the mountain in Total Recall (you know, his eyes bugging out and tongue waggling as he gasps for air).

Sunday we had our first rehearsal with our new power trio. Jason on guitar and vocals, Lauren on drums, myself on bass. We are ready to play SXSW. I also bought a new and amazing strap for my guitar. I have to salute Lauren. She sounded great, and it was doubly fun to play with a drummer keeping the beat.

We aren't going to be sent to get any Kennedy Center Honors quite yet, but I'm looking forward to our next practice.

Anyhoo... hope everyone had a good weekend and President's Day.

Oh, yes. I had to work today. Hope you had President's Day off and made the most of it.

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