Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peabo

It is true. Jamie and Peabo celebrate their birthdays just a few hours apart.

I haven't seen much of Peabo this year. Between his new kid, a busy family life, church and his shady law practice, it's tough to catch up with Peabo. And its been since Halloween since I've seen the guy, but I wish him all the best on his birthday.

I didn't buy him a present or anything, but, you know... you can wish a guy a happy birthday.

I've known Peabo since our arrival in Austin in 1984. We were in the same 4th grade class, lived down the block from one another, played sports together, attended college together (with one year as roommates) and the dude was in my wedding. So there's some history there.

Anyhoo, Happy B-Day, Peabo. Hope its a good one.


J.S. said...

Happy birthday, Jeff. Hope your birthday is good, and your 33rd year even better.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Happy Birthday. Many blessings to you throughout the year as well!
'Miss seeing you. We would certainly like to see you and your family on one of these trips to Austin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steans clan,

I was in Dallas learning new trial tricks, so just now saw this. Thanks for helping me survive the teen years so there still is a Peabo around to celebrate.