Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DITMTLOD: Like a virus

In a single 24 hour period, two bloggers of note have picked up the banner of discussing their celebrity crushes of yesteryear.

Over at Stevengharms.com, Steven G. Harms has finally made good on his promise to produce a list of Dames in the Media he Once Dug. You can check it out here.

Steven's list in quite comprehensive, going so far as to include one entirely fictional persona. And I think he does a great job of identifying ladies of considerable interest of the 1990's, including the cartoon character.

Completely unrelated to The League, over at comic blog "Occasional Superheroine", Valerie has listed a chronological accounting of her celeb crushes. I'm fairly certain Valerie has never stumbled upon, nor read LoM, so its interesting to see the concept materialize on other blogs, especially in list format. It must be in the zeitgeist.

Somehow its more telling when you see the list rather than individual DITMTLOD, I think.

So I challenge all Leaguers to either publish your own list, or send me yours. Make it specific. Ladies of the 90's? Dudes of Glam Rock? I don't care. Send 'em in.


Michael Corley said...

Nancy Travis in "So I married an axe murderer" made me all wobbly in the knees.

Liv Taylor was always hot, but when she took on the role of Arwen, daughter of Elrond Half-Elven, the level of hottness increased tenfold

J.S. said...

You can find my list over on my blog: