Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow. Just... wow.

Democrat who won't vote for Obama because he's a Muslim. Go here.

I am not in favor of any kind of written test in order to be allowed to vote. But, c'mon, America... work with me here.


Simon Mac Donald said...

Ah, so he is a closet Muslim who goes to a Christian church to keep up the charade. Boy, that sure is commitment to the bit.

I think someone in that video may be out of touch with reality.

Steanso said...

This lady's comment just reeks of thinly disguised racism. By the way, I know that there are constitutional issues that probably prevent it, but I think we might live in a far better country if people had to demonstrate some minimum level of education and/or intelligence in order to vote.

The League said...

It seems that religious preference must be a genetic trait passed down from the father. It's just mildly recessive in Mr. Obama.