Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You used to be beautiful, man!

It occurred to me, as it does every once in a while, that despite my considerable blogroll, there isn't much in the way of actual cross-pollination of the blogs. We don't talk at or to one another's blogs the way we once did.

Occasionally, I think you'll see me link over to Steanso's site, but the era of meme's, interviews, etc... seems to have evaporated. Perhaps that's because many of the blogs which would partake have evaporated. Or, those blogs have found their own content and voice, and no longer are seeking to fill the content beast.

I dunno.

I sort of miss it.

I also don't link like crazy like I once did, except to news sites, so that's got to be part of it as well. And just this evening I realized I'd never added Simon's blog to my blogroll, and so I shall.

Any dream I might have ever had of finding The League as any sort of voice in the comic blogging community, I gave up a while back. As challenging as it was drumming up readership when I was writing at, the massive proliferation of comics blogs in the past two years hasn't led to more people linking to one another, but rather to more insularity in the comic blogging world. As, really, who has the time?

I know that since I've been unemployed, I've blogged an obscene amount on actual comics rather than sticking to "look how cool" posts about superheroes or comics. And I sort of apologize for that. A lot of the time when I write those posts, I know a lot of the League's audience just clicks away and waits to come back the next day when, hopefully, I'm not discussing continuity problems and the minutia of Blue Beetle.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is... Despite some lengthy articles, I sometimes become dispirited that the articles don't get linked back. But I don't link back, so... There you have it.

But I always liked to think of The League of Melbotis as more than just me on a tear. I hope lots of people feel involved. And part of that is e-mail, comments, and linking back and forth.

So I think I have to do a bit more of that, myself.


J.S. said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about. Blogging isn't about interacting. It's about having a soapbox that you can get on and yell out your own viewpoints and opinions, whether they have any merit or not. Of course, nobody will be listening because they'll all be busy, smugly blogging about their own viewpoints, but at least you'll have gotten your viewpoint out there. This is really why we need to breed a slave race of sentient monkey men- so the current generation of self-styled columnists, critics, writers, producers, and directors (in the blogosphere and on Youtube) will have an audience for all of this content that we're endlessly churning out.

thevike13 said...

i'll get to work on the sentient monkeys right away.