Monday, August 11, 2008

In case you missed it, Steven's B-Day. Birthday celebration, desserts, video and Steven's generally positive demeanor, all by Lauren.


Steven said...

Thanks to all the Leaguers who came out, including the Mrs. and The League himself.

Thanks to J. Garcia for stellar iPhone photography.

Thanks to Steve Jobs for the iPhone.

Thanks to Lauren for making the movie.

And I am indeed generally positive, save when the question turns to “...There will be blood”.

Steven said...

Additional update: Thanks to everyone who showed up, more details found at my site. Again, thanks for making the surprise a great night.

Michael Corley said...

My father has a great love for the Universal line o' monsters, always claiming he liked the men, as opposed to the giant lizard variety.

I have a great love for were creatures. My novel (if you can call it that) in progress centers on those shifty folk.