Sunday, August 10, 2008

Steven G Harms is old

I couldn't post on this before, because Lauren was attempting to keep things a surprise, but Happy Birthday to Steven G. Harms.

Last night we met up at Threadgill's on Riverside for some home-style cookin', and a whole crew of Harms friends and admirers were in attendance. Lauren busted out some really great desserts at the end (which I am not sure was okay with Threadgill's policy, but they didn't argue, either). So cupcakes AND cherry pie for all.

I had a brief passing thought that JimD should have been in attendance as his George Baileyness led, in one way or another, to many of the folks celebrating Steven's birthday. I also worried that if we were in the first act of a film and all celebrating such a nice birthday (we somehow managed to squawk out Happy Birthday in tune), that this had to be one of those coming of age movies in which someone was going to die in the third reel.

So, I am doomed.

Happy Birthday, Steve-N.


J.S. said...

Happy birthday, Harms!!

Unknown said...

Actually, when I made the reservation, the guy said it was totally cool. The waitstaff finds it mostly inconvenient, though, I think. (This was mostly because we stayed 30min past closing.)

Unknown said...

Come see my post and video at! Thanks to Juan Garcia for sending me pictures from the event.

The League said...

Try this link for the video