Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sasquatch Corpse Saga Continues! I just wonder exactly how far this is going to go!

Here's an article from Yahoo!

These dudes are sticking to their guns in the face of mounting evidence, logic and common sense. And you have to respect that. The technique is what I would call "The Jason Alternate Reality Technique", where you insist your cockamamie story is true way past the point of reason, and refuse to let the story go 20 years later (you are not secretly 5th grade math teacher, Mr. Glowka, in a clever disguise).

CNN covered the story. Unfortunately, in doing so, there was a technical gaffe that led to the following:

When things go wrong at the CNN master control.

Bigfoot press conference - covered by Fox

Bigfoot press conference (spoof)

Classic Bigfoot


Steven said...

I hope at future Leaguerly events you can do a one-man show wherein you portray adolescent Jason portraying 5th grade Math teacher Mr. Glowka.

Call it: "Times tables, or fraternal terror"

The League said...

Consider yourselves to have a front-row seat.

J.S. said...

I thought I was doing you a favor when I revealed that I was, in actuality, Mr. Glowka, but obviously your fragile little mind just couldn't handle THE TRUTH. All of those hours squeezing myself into latex rubber outfits...