Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some random bits

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Stolen from Randy's website: someone terribly suspicious of the symbol of God's promise

http://view.break.com/549954 - Watch more free videos
STOP REFRACTION NOW (in another 20 years, it will be too late). Time to ask yourself: What could possibly make this happen?

Music is always better when you can relate:

Thanks to JAL for forwarding the video

I've also been watching some Olympics, and some thoughts:

-Usain Bolt and the rest of the Jamaican sprint team are insane. Somehow (and I'm not sayin' how) Jamaicans have managed to harness the "Speed Force". Wally West, look out.
-That said: US sweeps men's hurdles!
-And I think I have a tiny crush on Sanya Richards, Texas runner who is now a Bronze Medalist
-The reason they are canceling softball in the Olympics: The US women literally cannot be beat. They have outscored the competition 50+ - 1. YOU CANNOT BEAT CAT OSTERMAN.
-May-Treanor and Walsh up for a Gold tomorrow in beach Volleyball. Be there. This may be the grand finale to a couple of amazing careers (both have hinted at retiring to start families).
-I actually salute NBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympics. They've managed to cut the footage down to the parts you're going to want to see when they aren't showing anything live. It makes stuff like Men's gymnastics, in which I have only a passing interest, a lot more watchable.

League Approved Olympic Training:

Anyway, I had to work tonight, so hopefully you Leaguers will forgive me if the post is a bit short.


J.S. said...

That rainbow clip is freaking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Cat got a loss slapped on her during her last year at UT (by A&M of course). She is a phenomenal pitcher though and did shut out A&M in another meeting that year.


Had to mention it though...

your friendly neighborhood aggie,

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention that Bolt is insane. That 100m final were he does his best Deion Sanders impression is unbelievable. I have never seen a 100m sprint like that. Total domination.


The League said...

A&M women's sports always seem to be pretty top notch, and ALWAYS give UT a hard time.

Bolt won the 200m, too. And he's young enough that we'll see him again in 4 years.

It's kind of funny, because track and field really is incredibly fun to watch. It's just so pure in its rules and goals, and just comes down to athleticism and technique (sort of like swimming). If gearing up through so many rounds of trials didn't get repetitive, I think it would be bigger as a spectator sport.

Single races are, really, perfect for us ADD afflicted people.

Anonymous said...

So much for the US women's softball team invincibility, eh? Maybe you jinxed them

The League said...

I totally did. I thought for a minute last night I'd jinxed Walsh and May.

mcsteans said...

Damn, now I really want some pancakes.