Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Austin Ain't Nothing But a Thing


It's just cloudy and breezy here. Kind of nice, actually.


NTT said...

It's raining hard over here, with a good amount of wind. Nothing too extreme thank goodness.

Internet still works. Woohoo! (Playing City of Heroes. Take THAT bad guys!)

Anonymous said...

My parents survived unscathed. Just lots of broken branches in the yard. They have no power though.

The League said...

Well, we're back to the same miserable, hot humid conditions of last week. We lost clouds and wind around 2:00.

The Admiral is mostly unscathed. Downed trees is the ol' neighborhood, but he's 99% okay.

Anonymous said...

Nothing doing up here in NW Austin. Kind of anti-climactic actually. Just hot and humid with a mild breeze. I will just have to leave the lanterns for another day.