Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do Nothing Hurricane Day

It's been a slow, slow day.

For those catching up:

The Hurricane hit Houston. It missed Austin almost entirely aside from some clouds and lovely wind. Although we were projected to get 60mph gusts and driving rain all day, we received a light downpour from 11:40 - 11:55pm, as I'm writing this.

I was on the phone a lot. I called The Admiral at 9:00, and again in the afternoon. He's okay. The house has some leaking he managed. He's probably coming to Austin tomorrow to take in some air conditioning.

Spoke briefly with Jamie's mom, and for a long while with Wagner.

Jamie wanted to watch "American Psycho" on cable this morning, a movie I've always been squeamish about sharing with her, but I figured... what the heck? She's a big girl and can handle it. And she did. Partially, I think, because I'd forgotten how watered down the movie is in comparison to the book, which I haven't read since 1991-2, but which (if you've read it) sort of leaves an impression on you.

We also went down to South Congress for coffee with Matt and Nicole, and had a lovely time.

I am often reminded that most people sort of think of The League as sort of a dullard. And so it was today, in having coffee with pal-Matt that I received the cold splash of reality, that it doesn't help if someone knows you pretty darn well...

Me: -but their one movie I saw that I just didn't think worked was "The Man Who Wasn't There".
Matt: Hmmm. Yeah.
Me: I honestly didn't think it was very good.
Matt: Well, you know, that might be more of a "film person" movie.
Me: I... have a film degree.
Matt: (thoughtful pause) Yeah, well...


I know, I know. I've set myself up as this sort of Superman loving dingbat. You make your bed, you sleep in it.

This evening we wound up watching Oceans 13 (which now caps me out on views of all the new Oceans movies, I think). Then Saturday Night Live (until the musical guest, who I had never heard of). I believed Pohler and Fey's opening sketch was a bit of genius. If it's posted, I'll link.

But, totally uneventful day.

I think the buzz is that everyone in Austin was sort of wound up for the bad weather, and when it didn't arrive, it was maybe a big disappointment.

Also, there were a lot of bored-looking evacuees wandering around Stassney and Manchaca today.


Anonymous said...

Hurry before they pull it.

J.S. said...

You're getting offended by an unthinking criticism by Mangum? Isn't that sort of the guy's stock and trade?
I mean, I'm not saying you're NOT a dullard, but c'mon....

Unknown said...

No dullards at The League. And besides, if you're a dullard, then I certainly am. I don't even have television, and I don't like surfing the internet because I want nothing to do with a computer after looking at one all day, so that means I miss all pop culture references in every conversation.

The League said...

I think that probably actually gives you a leg up on me.

J.S. said...

Yeah, I'm not sure a lack of pop culture trivia knowledge makes you a dullard. Actually, absorbing most pop culture probably squeezes knowledge about more important things right out of your head ("more important things" being items not related to the comings and goings of Hulk Hogan's children or the status of various dating relationships on The Hills.