Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike is, apparently, pretty serious

Oh, heck.

Somebody (I assume Mack Brown) canceled the UT game for Saturday. Apparently 60mph winds and pounding rain were considered an issue.

My seats are pretty high up, so I can just imagine trying to make it through that game where the wind might be even stronger.

They've rescheduled the game to next weekend during ACL, so I'm not going (if anyone wants the tickets, lemme know).

They're evacuating Galveston completely (a sound judgment if the Hurricane of 1900 is any indication), and parts of Houston may go Atlantis on us.

I sincerely hope they're wrong about all this, and its sunny for the rest of the week. But part of me wonders what will happen if they keep asking the coastal cities to evacuate, but there's no real damage. The changes FEMA, state agencies, etc.. have made in the wake of Katrina and Rita don't work if people believe that the government is being paranoid and quit responding.

Austin is one of the destination evacuation cities for Texas, and so we keep pretty aware of the possible ebb and flow of evacuees and sudden need to support all of these folks as they evacuate. It sounds like they may be canceling school in some places to set up shelters, so some kids are going to be happy about the hurricane.

I still hope this is all much ado about nothing, but right now I'm planning my Saturday around staying dry and probably staying in.


mcsteans said...

Hobby Airport was insanity this afternoon. 45 North was a parking lot. I don't envy those peeps at all - good luck to everyone trying to get out.

J.S. said...

ACL Fest ain't for two weeks (just FYI), and I'm here to make the first prediction that Austin doesn't really even get any serious rain out of this storm. Beaumont will probably get screwed again. God hates Beaumont.

NTT said...

I'm surprised the League isn't preparing for Ike like the sci-fi/comic blogger it is. Through the training materials of Walking Dead, Mad Max, 28 Days Later, Living Dead, Omega Man and Fallout, plus the other tens of materials of the postapocalyptic future, a hurricane survival plan should be extremely similar to a zombie mutant invasion.

At the very least, where's your: Mossberg shotgun, titanium spork, Honda generator, .22 Walther with hollow points, high luminous LED MAG flashlight, case of MREs and machete?? It's the end times man!

The League said...

Oh, I already keep most of that stashed in my panic room. I'm just not sure if I'll need to be up on the roof keeping the zombies away with my perimeter defenses and deer rifle.

Yes, that was a type-o regarding the football game. It is the same weekend as ACL, re-scheduled for the 27th.

Meredith said...

I hope God doesn't hate Beaumont. My grandmother is there in the Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home. But they DID evacuate her again like they did during Gustav. So she's happily hanging out in some random city again...last time was Corsicana....random.

So just wanted to tell you guys to be safe and to stock up on your supplies just to be safe. I'll be keeping an eye on things and watching out. Are your parents coming your way or riding it out in Houston? Mine are staying there, but they DO have a panic room in their house actually....isn't that weird?

Stay safe and find some canoes for cheap on Craig's List just for fun....

The League said...

I've been to Beaumont. The parts I saw I liked. I don't know what I would do for a living there... but the downtown was interesting.

My mom is heading to Florida before the storm tomorrow to be with my grandfather who had surgery the other day. Dad may or may not be heading here.

Now that I know your folks have a panic room, I am going to break in. If they have a plan of "retreat", then I can steal their stuff while they wait it out while watching me on closed circuit TV. I shall wear a gorilla suit so at least they'll have something fun to watch.

Steven said...

I believe that the enemy of game day was deloss dodd.

The League said...

Yeah, I was just trying to randomly select someone. I don't know who makes those decisions.