Sunday, November 30, 2008

On UT's BCS ranking

What are you gonna do?

If UT played Saturday and OU played Thursday, we might have been ranked below Alabama instead of our rivals to the north. Or if one coach had voted one way, and other a different way... you never know.

But it is a lot messed up that its not purely about competition, and requires votes, etc... We need a better system so we don't have this kind of mess to begin with.

Ah, well. It was a great season and the Longhorns have everything in the world to be proud of.

I tend to side with Simon's opinion that play-offs might be the solution.


Simon MacDonald said...

Playoffs are the correct way to determine a nation championship but I don't ever see it happening for the BCS. In a word, MONEY! The keepers of the bowl games will never go for it.

Why, as a Canadian, am I so passionate about American college football. Well, Canadian football sucks! There I said it, I don't care who knows. Actually, everyone knows Canadian football sucks.

tachyonshuggy said...

One of the coach's votes is surprising:

The League said...

Mack is just too darn honest for his own good. And, I think he knows the BCS is a bunch of horsehockey as does anyone who follows college ball.

Again, no hard feelings towards OU. They played a hell of a season, as did UT, and certainly Florida and Alabama. OU also beat the living heck out of Tech, who managed to squeak past UT, but still gave us an "L".

I'm glad Mack took the high road. Hopefully Colt and Co. will be back next year for another huge season.

Anonymous said...

I hear Colt will try for the NFL ...