Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snoopy: World War I Flying Ace

Here's a video game I would actually buy if it comes to Wii:


Michael Corley said...

Having read 99% of all Peanuts, I would be all over that like me on free comics.

NTT said...

Why don't you just get Crimson Skies for the Xbox? Some great skirmishes on that one.

Or better yet, City of Heroes. I know you want to. I'll let you in on our supergroup.


The League said...

a) I do not own XBox. The only gaming system I've had since 1987 or so is a Wii. I'm not much of a gamer.
b) I played City of Heroes for a while. I no longer hav an active account am awaiting the arrival of DCU Online, at which point I'll probably need to buy a new computer.

NTT said...

a) No Xbox? Inconceivable!

b) It will be interesting when DCU Online comes out. Since it'll be PS3 and PC, it's going to be interesting if they can pull it off with co-existence realms.

City of Heroes has changed alot; many for the better. I might have a free trial account available if you want to check it out again.

c) The developer for the Snoopy game also developed Snoopy vs. the Red Baron so it probably be available for the PC as well.