Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In my Element @ 10K

I was driving home the other night in Babar (my light blue Honda Element) and looked down to see my odometer was at 9999. I've been through four cars in my life, and I never, ever saw the odometer turn any kind of significant whole number.

I have hit 10,000 miles without a hiccup. That is all.

Yes, I love Babar. Some days I want to hug him, but that would be weird.

Meatgrimage, Day 3

Jamie's childhood pal and our mutual current pal, Rebecca, returned to Austin today with her mother, Dr. Kinslow, in tow. They took us to Flemings down by the convention center where we all enjoyed a wonderfully terrific meal.

I have always been a steak guy, and while I am a fan of the backyard grilled steak, I am also a fan of the white-table cloth, let-them-work-their-magic steak. I highly recommend this joint. Especially if the Kinslows are taking you out on the town.

There are many good restaurants down by the convention center which cater to folks with an expense account. However, as Jamie and I are rarely in Austin for a convention, we tend not to make our way to those restaurants or some of Austin's other finer establishments.

Places I would like to go:

Hudson's on the Bend
And of the places that opened on Congress during our four year Arizona sojourn

I am scheduled to hit Mesa Ranch this evening, provided nothing goes off-kilter. Which means: even more meat.

If you want to go see The Flyin' A's with me Thursday evening, give me a shout.

UT @ Kansas

I shall be watching with a mix of exhiliration and trepidation. Tech plays Baylor this weekend. Poor Baylor.

UT Basketball

I park about a block from the Erwin Center, so I am pondering going to some UT home games this year. If you want in on that, let me know.

Ghost Hunters

I am increasingly convinced that, based upon the 100 hours or so of Ghost Hunters I've watched, Jason and I could totally do this.

Anyone want to grant us $25,000 in start up funds? We need money for:

-team shirts
-motion detectors
-flash lights
-EMF detectors
-video equipment
-Ghost Juice (ie: enough beer per ghostly investigation to limber up the mind)
-uniforms for the Lonestar Paranormal Club dancers


Michael Corley said...

Sorry, I'm holding out my dough for scantily clad FEMALE ghost hunters.

I'm hoping they'll hunt in bright, bright light.

The League said...

Well, knowing that Jason and I only appeal as eye-candy to the ladies and dudes-who-swing-that-way, you'll see one item I've included was for uniforms for our dancers. Jason and I will be holding several rounds of auditions for these talented ladies who will bolster our spirits as we hunt for spirits.

Don't worry, Michael... we have your best interests at heart.

NTT said...

You guys aren't thinking big enough. You don't just hunt ghosts, you will hunt monsters, track mysteries and investigate dangerous phenomena. You will be "Mystery Hunters" or how about "Supernatural Detectives!". Tracking down the haunted secrets of the Mountain of Madness, seeking answers to the Mayan Long Count, exploring the lost temples of the Mu Priests. Meanwhile the French Artifacts Authority and their secret ops team plot to thwart your every endeavor. This is where the cheddar's at! Investors will be poring in.

J.S. said...

Why do I have a feeling that Nhut Tan will end up being the guy in the van, watching us getting eaten alive by The Loch Ness Monster while he chats with some chick on his cell phone...

The League said...

Well, let's start with stuff that we can do locally and then move out globally. I, myself, want to hunt down Santa and his merry elves.

But, NTT, you are totally welcome to help steer this venture should you kick in a "Gold Membership" at $15,000, or a "Founder's Membership" at $30,000.