Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Frikkin' Snowed Here Last Night

Seriously. It was snowing. It didn't stick, but it was building up on the fence and on the cars.

Even if it does freeze in Austin, it's usually in January (but there was one Christmas around 1998 where Jamie and I thought we were getting frozen in and weren't going home). It was kind of pretty, watching the fluffy flakes come down, and Lucy seemed to like it.

I do hope we get one good freeze in January with ice. I always like those days. Nothing to do but hang out, stay warm, read and check the weather.

In the News

So how about this Governor of Illinois guy? Now THAT is a political scandal. In some ways, I'm kind of impressed. He seems like a villain right out of a schlocky movie.

What's disheartening is that Blagojevich is just the guy they caught.

At work, I said something about "Geez, and this is the big fish. What level of Government do you work at before the corruption stops? PTA?"
And then my co-worker told me about his kids' PTA president who stole $500 out of the treasury.


I don't even really know what to say, other than "Now this is a scandal!" It makes other folks' attempts to cook up a scandal with a call-girl, secret lover, what have you... seem like small potatoes. Now selling a Senate seat... Man...

End of Year Lists

This weekend I petitioned Leaguers to send in their very own "End of Year" lists. We've had a pretty good response thus far.

I invite you to go over to Jason's list of 10 Things They Wanted Us to Like in 2008 That Ended Up Being Lame. Plus, our irrational debate about a minor issue here in Austin's telecomm industry.

The League's own McSteans also piped up today with her very own Top 10 of 2008 list entitled "The Awesome of 2008". You should stop by.

Michael also chimed in, by the way.

Top Three Do-Dahs for Christmas

1: Kindle
An electronic book AND always connected to Wikepidea? Sign me the %@#^ up.

2: Itouch Apps
That much fun for .99cents a pop is seriously addictive. I'm asking for an itunes gift card for just that purpose.

3: The Wii and all its Wiiness.
Because it's so much fun it should be criminal. How could I still be playing Final Fantasty more than two decades after numero uno? Because Nintendo brings the thunder, that's why.

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