Monday, December 08, 2008

Round-Up of Interesting Information and a Plea for Donations

New Jim Parsons Interview at USA Today

Check it out, Jim P. who plays Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" got a high profile interview at USA Today. There is no accompanying pie chart.

Hopefully Jim has not entered the twilight zone for actors where they have so convincingly embodied a character mostly unlike themselves that the audience is somewhat disappointed to learn that Jim is playing a character and not himself. (See: George Reeves as Superman, Michael Richards as Kramer, etc...) But, really, would anyone want to put up with Sheldon for more than 22 minutes per week?

Price of success, I guess. Hopefully Jim is enjoying the fruits of his labors. I'm still enjoying the show.

Give Some Dough to the Salvation Army and Help Out Your Fellow Humans

I am $5.00 from my personal goal set for raising money for Salvation Army. I am, however, $160 dollars from what I had hoped would be a team goal.

Tis the Season of Giving, Leaguers. Sure, I know times are tough, but that's all the more reason to share if you can.

The website is easy to use, the donation is probably tax deductible, and anything you give will genuinely help other people out in a time when so many people are in need. I know you gave $3.00 to the guy ringing the bell at the mall, and that's super. If you can afford to give more, we'd certainly appreciate it. We're going to be leaning on each other a lot more in the next few years.

So join League of Melbotis in giving. Click here, and then click "donate to my kettle". Anything from $0.25 to $250 would be welcome.

I've heard some people find the site a bit wonky. If you need help, let me know.

New Years Party

A gentle reminder that December 31st at 8:45ish, we're kicking off our annual Holiday Party as a New Year's party (Melbotis's 2008 New Year Hullabalunacy!).

Click here for details and to RSVP.

And to Keep You in the Yuletide Spirit


Only moderately safe for work


J.S. said...

For some reason that video for X-mas at Ground Zero makes the song kind of disturbing in a way that somehoe I had never quite felt before.

The League said...

Yeah... it kind of takes the air out of the room in a way that the song just doesn't do on its own.

On the other hand, I kind of miss the zen attitude we all had about nuclear annihilation back during the Cold War versus the fear of some cowardly terrorist attack we'd be looking at these days.

Man, I miss mutually assured destruction.