Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I did blog... just not here

I've started a new column currently titled "Routine InfoCom" at Comic Fodder.

check it out. We discuss women superheroes, what "morals" means in superhero comics and why it makes me itch, the racial make-up of Krypton and more.


Next week, perhaps we will discuss politics, religion and sex.


By the way, today was kind of tough as I finally got in touch with Jenny V. Jenny was Mel's original caretaker, who raised him from puppyhood until he was two. At that time, Jenny moved to Manhattan and Mel came to live with us.

I remember Mel's first appearance at a party when he had just moved in with Jenny. I picked him up with one hand, looked him in the eye and informed him he would be such a big, big boy.

It was heartbreaking in so many ways to have to share with Jenny what had happened. But I am glad she knows, and I'm glad we spoke.

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