Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Saying Good-Bye to Melbotis

For folks in Austin, if you have some free time, we're going to spread Mel's ashes at 11:30 on Saturday morning at Zilker Park. I believe the game plan as of this evening is to head down to the Barton Springs spill over (which I'm not sure is entirely legal, but...). We're going to go down there at 11:30 on the side you enter off of Robert E. Lee Road, by the ballparks. No real ceremony. We just want him in a place he loved, and a place that when we go back (and we will, quite often), we'll know he's there.

Here's a map. Wear sneakers.

After that, I hope to head for lunch somewhere on Barton Springs, so if nothing else, come on out for a burger or something. Mel would want for you to eat the giant hot dog at Shady Grove.

You know, its been better, in general. Getting back to work certainly helped (and its crazy busy at work, so I'm staying distracted). But something will invariably happen each day that, even if it isn't necessarily simply missing Mel, still seems to throw me for a loop.

Today that was receiving an envelope in the mail from the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation. It seems that our veterinary hospital, Century Animal Hospital, had donated to the Foundation in Mel's name, and the TVMA Foundation had sent us a card informing us of the donation. The Vet's office had also sent us a lovely sympathy card signed by the entire staff.

Perhaps this is something they do for every pet they must help complete their journey (I would actually hope so), but it was a reminder that our vets, who were right there with us, who were the ones looking for every avenue to help Mel, and who were the ones who guided us through Mel's surgery last year that gave us an entire extra year with our boy... Anyway, they were there, too.

So, thanks so much to the Century Animal Hospital crew.


J.S. said...

I'll be there Saturday, but it's gonna be colder.

JAL said...
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JAL said...

Tania and I will be unable to attend, as we’re running a 50K in Bandera on Saturday, but there is, as I understand it, a bit of a tradition in distance running to dedicate your final miles to friends and family you’ve lost and/or those who, otherwise, have inspired you. So despite the absence, we’ll be running in memory of our favorite tennis ball wrangler.

The League said...

Wow. Thanks, man! We appreciate the thoughts and dedication.

DLoyd76 said...

I just swung back after an absence and it's utterly heartbreaking to hear of your loss. My dog lightfoot passed when I was 12 and I buried her myself (ironically, also at Barton Creek). I've never had another dog since as Lightfoot was more a member of my family than a simple 'pet'. I wish you and your family all the love I can send over the internet. Melbotis will be missed, and he will be remembered.

J.S. said...

Sorry if that prior comment came off as rude. I love Mel and want everyone to come out- it was just a warning that people may need to bundle up.

The League said...

No worries. I thought that was exactly what you meant.

It's oddly comforting to know other dogs will be at Barton Creek as well. While spreading ashes is what I want to do, I am happy to know that he won't be alone.

J.S. said...

In Shinto, the Japanese believe loved ones, family, and ancestors kind of inhabit the place where you live if you keep images of them around and think of them often (they often make little shrines for passed family or ancestors, but a few good pictures might also work). Anyway, I like the belief that the spirits still sometimes move among us. Of course, Shinto also believes natural places are holy and that the spirits move through them as well. Barton Creek has the benefit of being part of nature and also a place that was a home to Mel.