Thursday, January 08, 2009

Special thanks to my folks, who sent a card in the mail. They've donated some money to the Austin Humane Society in Mel's name.

Also, Mel's passing has received a mention at the high-profile comics site "The Beat", written by seer of all comicdom, Heidi MacDonald. It was a bit odd to stumble across the mention amongst discussion of Chip Kidd, the upcoming Spider-Man musical by U2 (yeah, you read that right), and a call for a female-starring superhero movie (I vote for WW). We honestly weren't aware that Heidi had any notion of what we were up to here at League HQ, so we not only appreciate her condolences, but giving Mel the high profile goodbye that the League's hit count can't quite muster.

It's the last link at the bottom of this post.

Jamie picked up Mel's ashes today from the vet. Included in the bag of materials we received was a one page insert including a story where the pet crematorium got its name, Rainbow Bridge. I think its exactly the sort of thought I'd like to have about my guy right now. I think pet owners should read it.

My comic addled brain originally couldn't figure out what the name Rainbow Bridge had to do with the Rainbow Bridge leading to The Mighty Thor's Asgard.. but it works for me either way...

For those of you wondering (because I know you'll e-mail me to ask), Mel's ashes are in a plastic bag inside of a lovely cedar box, about the size of a jewelry box.

She also found this plastic insert from one of Mel's old toys which was designed to allow you to record your voice so the pet toy would use your disembodied voice to re-assure your pet. That was, of course, kind of creepy when you were home, so we removed the voice box years ago. It seems that I recorded myself prompting Mel to speak. So Jamie has taken that little fragment of Mel's voice and had put it in her iTunes.

I vaguely remember getting mel to speak, but I know that bark, and I can totally picture his excited face with his ears all cocked up and his eyes all bright as he's prompted to bark in the house (something he rarely did without permission from Jamie).

So we have a little bit of Mel's voice. And I think I have Super-Hi-8 tape of me playing with Mel from around 2001. I need to find that.


Dug said...

Here's my low-quality cameraphone contribution:

Melbotis rescues a precious tennis ball

The League said...

Oh, God. Yes. That was the day Mel decided minding the people you came with was something that OTHER dogs do. I think it took us fifteen minutes to get him out of the water.

That was a nice day, though.

J.S. said...

I still like the idea of Mel living in Asgard. Maybe with a small viking helmet.