Monday, January 05, 2009


UT wins Fiesta Bowl

So... UT won the Fiesta Bowl. Who'da thunk it?

I certainly thought UT had all the potential in the world to win and SHOULD win, but given how 2009 had been going so far, I sort of figured... eh, why get your hopes up? In fact, I predicted UT would lose by 14, just to make myself feel better.

Well, UT won this evening in Glendale versus the Buckeyes. Heck of a game once we were in the second half. Colt, Cosby and the rest managed to pull a rabbit out of their hat that I confess, I wasn't sure they had in them (if it had been VY, then I would have believed it, but...).

I am really happy for the UT Horns and am optimistic that next year can be just as great.

Now to look forward to Thursday's game, which I am guessing will be pretty crazy. I am unsure who I am rooting for yet, as both teams were impressive as heck all year (and I seriously question whether UT could beat either team at this moment).

Salvation Army Red Bucket

So I want to both report on how we did and thank some folks for the success of this year's first foray into the Virtual Red Bucket as the League of Melbotis had its first fundraiser.

Our projected goal was $300, and we managed to raise $360! Not bad, everybody!

We'll be back next year (or perhaps in June) with another go at it. I like the idea that maybe I can use LoM for good, occasionally.

So who can I thank?

My in-laws, Dick and Judy get a shout out. My own folks, KareBear and The Admiral. Jason, of course. The Doug gave, as did Heather Wagner. Matt M. and Erik Z. chipped in. My Arizona pal Maria Hanlin gave, too. JimD was more than happy to throw a few clams in the bucket.

PLUS, I had reports from Leaguers such as Carla and Nicole (and Justin?) that they'd found a real bucket out there and made sure to help out. And poor Simon tried to make a donation, but the website apparently was displeased with his Canadian money. So special salute to Simon for trying and trying.

Melbotis Tributes

Thanks so much to all for their support.

Randy makes mention of Mel at his site.

Lauren draws a lovely image of Mel and invites you to join in.

Jason says good-bye.

And so does Jamie. I know how hard writing this must have been for her, and I think its a lovely tribute to our guy. Also here.


Simon MacDonald said...

Ryan, so sorry to hear about Mel. We lost our first ever pet, a cat named Tao, 2 years ago and it really is a heart breaking experience. It is heart warming to read how much he was loved and brought love into your home.

Congratulations to UT for winning their bowl game. As you say they are setup well for next year and hopeful they won't run into a Cinderella story next year.

Yes, I have given up on the American Salvation Army donation form. For some strange reason it just won't accept my credit card. Instead I donated $25 to the Canadian Salvation Army who took my money happily. So, all told you collected $385 and you should be proud of your accomplishment.

Here's to a happy 2009!


The League said...

Wow! Thanks, Simon! Somehow $385 sounds even more impressive than $360.

Hopefully we'll have better luck that won't require calls to IT support on the next go-round.

Also, thanks for the kind words about Mel. I know he'd appreciate them as we do.