Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Show Must Go On

I was, of course, kidding about bailing when I wrote the April Fool's post (see, yesterday). For good or ill, we've no plans to shutter The League.

Today I talked two of my co-workers into attending a "Learning Break" for Library staff on the subject of "blogs and RSS feeds". Our office offers a blogging tool for facult to use to discuss their areas of expertise, so I figured I'd see what the presentation was about, and how they were pitching use of blogs in libraries. It turned out to be a very, very basic course on what a blog is, and how to use an RSS feed reader. And, of course, there were some in the room who had never actually read a blog and needed that kind of help.

Anyway, it was a fine presentation, but I just kept thinking "Six years. Six years. Six years."

A brief thought did occur to me, that if nobody said anything about me declaring The League was done and over with, I was going to feel pretty darn bad. I've heard of this happening with cartoon strips ending, etc... The creator sort of fantasizes about complaints regarding the end of the series, but then not a single letter comes in.

I am glad that I read about that at a young age. It's best to set expectations for yourself.

DC Comics launched a blog, by the way.

My Friends are Broken

Lauren is still recovering at home. Still on liquids. We're wishing her well and hoping she's on the mend. And, of course, Steven is doing a fantastic job making sure she's a-ok. She's not back to break dancing speed yet, but I have faith we'll see her headspinning shortly.

Mangum apparently brought home some sort of Thai Hooker Fever from his vacation. It sounds like he's got strep throat, which is treatable, but fairly awful during the process. So glad I shared fries with him at the movie theater...

Anyhow, Nicole has stepped up and reported in this evening. She's got Matty's back.

Thriller and Comics

There's a coffee shop now in the PCL where I work, and as I do not function without coffee, they see me every day. Which means I'm friendly with the staff.

I had to admit to them today that I was old enough to remember when Thriller was released (they were listening to the album and asked if I knew "the Thriller dance"). I watched their eyes as they mentally did the math and then become sad for me for being so close to the grave. Still, they promised me a lifetime of free coffee if I actually performed the Thriller dance.

I am considering it.

I'm a fan of shopping where people know me, and its a rarity in this day and age. The Austin Books guys know who I am, which is nice, but as I don't hang around the store, they don't exactly know me (well, Brad does). Part of the curse of only showing up once a week for about fifteen minutes, I guess. But I'm also happy that Austin Books is healthy enough that they aren't going to know every dude who walks in the door by default.

New Flash out today, by the way. Seems off to a good start, which The Flash sorely needed. It's been mostly not-good since 2005, but I'm sort of a Flash nut, so I hate to give up on the Scarlet Speedster.

It's tough to explain what happens in serial comics as writers come on and go off the title, and add their own little bits. But its also nice to know that Geoff Johns has made a hell of a career for himself by knowing what works and doesn't, and getting it all sort of straightened out through the actual story-telling.

My favorite line from the new issue? Barry Allen talking about Hal Jordan:

And he laughed under his breath like a maniac whenever The League was outnumbered.

Throw in some Van Sciver art that's above and beyond even what I'd expect (and I was expecting some good stuff), and it's worth the price of admission.

Anyway, yes, if you're playing catch-up and haven't read a comic since the 1980's, Barry Allen will be the Flash in the newest series.


I don't know if I'm going to be as okay with all the explaining Lost is going to have to do as I thought I was. I have a bad feeling the last two episodes will feel like the final five minutes of the movie "Clue".

I'm also still enjoying "Kings" on NBC.


NTT said...

Still not reconciled on bringing back Barry Allen but what's DC going to do when Geoff Johns drops down a pitch on Didio's desk? Say No?

That guy is the equivalent of Marv Wolfman of the 80s. Although it is troublesome that DC is fast becoming the Geoff John's Universe like Marvel is the World According to Bendis.

The League said...

I am inclined to believe that the return of Barry Allen was a Didio mandate going back to the return of Hal Jordan. And Johns more or less picked up the reins because he didn't want somebody else messing it up (or Morrison making the return so weird that nobody knew what to do with it once Morrison walked away from Flash).

I never owned a Barry Allen Flash issue until about four years ago going through a dollar bin, so I'm not invested in the guy. At least I read some Hal Jordan Lantern back with Emerald Dawn and all that in the 1980's (and never took to Rayner except via Morrison's JLA).

As long as they keep Wally and Jay around (and preferably Linda), I'm happy.

The weird part was that I remembered Bart returning, but I'm not sure where or when I read that happening. I have to assume it was during Final Crisis.

The DCU is only semi-elastic. You can add and subtract, but at the end of the day, there's a certain form each of these ideas seems to work best. Green Arrow is Ollie. Jordan is part of a Corps. Kandor is full of Kryptonians. We'll see if Barry Allen has to be The Flash (I'm not inclined to believe he DOES have to be, so its part of my curiosity).

Anonymous said...

You have been offered free coffee for life, and all you have to do is do a dance ? Look if 800 prisoners in a Malasian jail can put it together, so can teh League. And much better than being an internet sensation, you will have something tangible to reward your shameful escapade: FREE COFFEE FOR LIFE (at least why this crew works there). And let's be honest, you're in your mid 30's, you're married, it's not like doing a thriller dance is going to cost you your job, or somehow lower you on the social ladder of esteem in the "Library Data Cataloger" world. This is a no brainer. In fact, I'm kind of disappointed that the League wasn't already throwing up zombie hands to the left and the right before the words offering you the free coffee even finished coming off their lips.
Shoot, you should check and see if you wear an actual Michael Jackson Thriller jacket while doing the dance, they'll throw in lifetime free banana muffins.
So, get some stones, throw a little caution to the wind, it'll make a funny story to tell your grandk....well, somebodies grandkids, and you'll be loving your free coffee for the next few years until the next group of rubes gets hired and throws down some weak ass challenge.

"Becuase it's thriller, thriller la la la la la."

Moonwalk bitches.


J.S. said...

I will personally take off work and come down to this coffee shop if The League learns the Thriller dance and performs it for free coffee (and I will borrow Mrs. League's video camera so we can all enjoy it on Youtube).

The League said...

I will check in and see if the offer still stands. It was not made by the actual manager.

Circa 1989 I learned a lot of the moves from "Bad" (at least in my own head, I looked good) when MTV replayed the video over and over.

And I have no doubt people would enjoy my Thriller dance. I just wish I'd trained last year for the "Thrill the World" competition. Maybe in 2009?