Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 Years. Almost 3000 posts.

Well, holy shit.

March 30, 2003 I wrote my first blog post here at LoM. We're dangerously close to 3000 posts (the counter says 2995, but that's misleading), so that should give a good indicator of our rate of posting.

Six years. 3000 posts. Where's my gold watch from Blogger.com?

In blogging lifespans, I'm a frikkin' methuselah. I've not raised and lowered the boom on a number of blogs. Its just been six straight years of the same-old-same-old.

It's been a great run. When I decide to start a new blog, you people will be the first to know.



Fantomenos said...

Almost got me, wise guy.

Happy imb├ęciles d'avril to you and yours.

RHPT said...

I have waited for this day for many years! Now the League is mine! Mine! Bow before me, Leaguers!

J.S. said...

If I had a dollar for every time you've threatened to quit blogging...

Anyway, I don't mean to pressure you or anything, but I'm pretty sure that it would be a total insult to Mel if you quit, seeing how this blog is in his name. No pressure.

The League said...

Happy April Fools, all. I thought that the anniversary would be a nice way to lend a little credibility to my finale.

We'll be back tomorrow with more of the usual malarkey.

J.S. said...

For the anniversary maybe we should have a League of Melbotis happy hour or something.

NTT said...

Congrats, here's your retirement No-Prize.

Maybe you and Valarie D'Orazio should start a union of past comic book bloggers?

The League said...

Sadly, I'm not actually retiring. That'd be too much to hope for. Just my lame April Fool's prank.

I am up for a tumbler of Christian Brothers and a Safeway turkey any time you guys want to celebrate.

NTT said...

Yeah, I was trying to make a lame joke too but it didn't come across right. It was clear that you weren't retiring.

Anyway, I still think you should team up with Valerie. Your mighty powers of bloggering will be supreme, above the level of the Wonder Twins but a little beneath the Fendris Twins. :-) See smiley face [joke!]

The League said...

Was that an 80's-era X-joke? Ye gads.

Soon we'll be making jokes about Bamfs and small purple dragons.

Laura said...

Happy blog birthday! Glad you're still around.

Anonymous said...

You had me at Holy Shit. You had me at Holy Shit.

Still enjoying the ride.

Albeit I still want a day of Vulgar League and his profanity laced tirades.


J.S. said...

Peabo, you really should stop by the house. As entertaining as the online profanity laced tirades can be, they're nothing compared to the live, in person version.