Monday, June 22, 2009

Round-Up for Tuesday


Here in the 11th inning, this UT/ LSU baseball matchup is going to give me a heart attack. And so I will die and not see UT actually lose the game.


I am in a hotel room in Houston watching this game. If I have a heart attack, nobody will notice until 8:00 AM tomorrow when my boss looks for me at breakfast.

This is an okay hotel. The air conditioner was set to "Put Him in Carbonite" when I walked in.

I have an odd affection for Houston. I sort of love it, but know that I would have found life in the many sprawling suburbs of Houston not to my taste. But I doubt I'd have swung a salary befitting living "inside the loop". Also, Austin has plenty of humidity already, thanks. And I'm a sucker for elevation in my landscape (although the gulf plains make it easy to find downtown). However, for getting a bad rap due to existing within the borders of Texas, Houston is a deeply diverse city ethnically, culturally, socio-economically and probably some other category. Its home to considerable museums, theater districts, universities, professional sports, hospitals and more. The money Houston seems to be able to generate has gone back into the place in a way that gives it much to offer.

I am unsure if the air of new-money goofiness has left many parts of Houston, if the rednecks who were a part of my natural habitat in high school still roam free, and if the obvious and crippling poverty is still ignored as folks fly by on I-45. But if sociologists want to study America at its most American, I say not to head to the heartland, but see the 2 dimensional map of Houston as a cross section of the sausage that makes up our great nation.

UT lost

Dammit. Still, I am not entirely surprised.


I have become convinced that my hairline is receding apace. Whether this is true or not, I am not yet sure. I blame the last haircut I received for its inhospitable awkwardness which has led to the uncertainty and confusion.

Ah, well. Me and my head had a good run. Now to look like a Klingon with my bumpy cranium.

League Christmas Special

I am giving serious thought to writing and shooting a 5 - 10 minute Christmas special for this year. I will need guest stars, so let me know if you want to be in it. I will need to pen a very special League Christmas tune.

We will probably need to shoot in November to make this work.

Also, I hope to force Jamie into an elf costume for the entire special.


Nathan said...

Thanks for your defense of Houston. Although I no longer feel like I could live there, I still love the city dearly, and feel that it is truly the most diverse big city, culturally, artistically, etc. in all of Texas.

Oh, and I'd be up for League Xmas special. Would you take footage shot in SA and flown in for editing in Austin? Want to commission a scene in San Antonio?

mcsteans said...

I'd be up for an elf costume, but only if Nicole wears one, also. And maybe Matt, too.

I think Nathan's on to something. You should do a 'League greetings from around the globe' section for your special.

J.S. said...

I've got some ideas for the Christmas Special. I think we're going to need a modest budget of somewhere around 20 to 30 million to shoot it. (the Rockettes don't come cheap)

The League said...

We most certainly would include footage sent to us in our video! I would gladly welcome stuff sent in by Leaguers looking to join us on the holiday sleighride to awesomeness.

Nathan said...

Give me some direction; we're in!