Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My childhood may officially have an ending date.

Lucasfilm announced the release date for the final Star Wars movie. It is to be May 19th, 2005. 6 years from the release date for Episode 1, Episode 3 will complete the 6 film cycle, wrapping up a narrative which has implications well beyond the confines fo the screen.

Whether Lucas will continue with another trilogy seems unlikely, but it could happen. I am certain he has planned out the fates of Chewbacca and Salacious Crumb in minute detail.

After a lifetime of fanhood, I officially gave up on Star Wars with Episode II, so maybe May of 2002 was really when it all went downhill (which also corresponded with my move to Arizona, btw...). I will certainly go see Episode III so I can get some closure, but the likelihood of me attending the midnight show, waking up and returning for the 9:00am show seems fairly low. Yes, I did this for Episode II. No, it was not a good idea. Yes, the afternoon at work passed with no small amount of hilarity as I was working on 3 hours of sleep.

Things I will not do:

1) I will not buy the DVD set of Star Wars until it contains the original movies, and not the remade, goofier versions
2) I will not dress up, nor coerce my wife to dress up for the film's premier.
3) I will not buy any toys of vehicles from Star Wars III, no matter how sorely I am tempted.
4) I will never put the word Jar twice in a row again.

Anyway, we have a countdown to disappointment.

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