Monday, April 05, 2004


I couldn't sleep last night and was watching the Leonard Maltin show, Hot Ticket (sort of a poor man's Ebert and Roper).

I actually stopped to watch because the co-host, Joyce Kulhawik, was screeching about Hellboy (and was kind of a cow about Maltin giving it a "Hot" rating). Anyway, I've long believed Joyce was an idiot, and Maltin isn't much better. Nonetheless, due to Joyce's cow-bearing, I stopped to watch her meltdown.

So I shouldn't have been too shocked when Joyce practically wet herself when given an opportunity to discuss "Home on the Range". What surprised me was that Maltin, who is a recognized authority on the history of animation, was just as bubbly about the movie. Apparently, none of what bothered me registered with these two. So, apparently, Leaguers... Jamie and I are alone in our disdain for "Home on the Range."

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