Friday, March 18, 2005

A BABY CONE FOR 2005!!!!

Hey, everybuddy!

Nathan called a while ago, and I am happy to announce the existence of one Samantha Cone.

Samantha was born around 10:00am CST this morning.

She is 7lbs. 4oz.
20 inches long.
Brown Hair.

I am unable to secure a photo of Samantha as of yet, so I am posting this delight ful picture of a very cute kitten.

I asked, and it sounds like Nathan and Renata are both doing well. They had a long night, but all systems appear to be checking out normal.

Oh, boy, are kitties ever cute. Here's another kitten I saw online.

Congratulations to Nathan and Renata! And welcome to the world, Samantha C.! You have some terrific parents, and I am sure you will be the grooviest kid on your block!

Oh, heck... here's another kitten.

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