Thursday, March 17, 2005

Some bits and pieces:

Superman in Beaumont

Jim D. called me yesterday afternoon to inform me that the screenings of Superman I & II are ON in Beaumont. So, Leaguers, set your calendars for late July 2005. It will be A Very Special League Engagement.

I can't tell you how pumped I am about this. It sincerely feels like the world's greatest Christmas present. It's not enough that I get to spread the good word of Superman out to the masses via this lousy site... now I can spread the word to the greater Beaumont area using two of the greatest flicks ever made.

Anyway, get your flights booked, out of towners, this is going to be one huge Fiesta de Superman.

I think I feel a DITMTLOD coming on in regards to Ursa.

Wha..? I'm not ready..!

Apparently Batman Begins is coming out THIS SUMMER. For some reason I have long thought this was a Christmas movie. Anyway, in honor of the Caped Crusader's impending film appearance, I hope to do a big column on The League's lengthy ties to Batman.

With karate he'll kick your ass from here to right over there...

More Twirling!

According to multiple sources, including good ol' reliable CNN, Joss Whedon of Firefly, Serenity, Buffy and Angel (all of which i've never really seen) is taking on a feature film of Wonder Woman.

Joss is a real geek, and this gives me huge hope for this flick. He's an ace in casting, if the Buffy TV show is any indication. And his take on the X-men in the Astonishing X-Men is as refreshing as Grant Morrison's, so I know he knows hwo to treat this material.

I have high hopes that this is going to be a great flick, and will have girls running about willy-nilly with silver bracelets and red-starred tiaras.

Nathan & Renata

I am losing all sense of time. This weekend Jamie made a comment about Nathan and Renata's upcoming baby being due soon, and I said, "well, they have quite a while. They didn't know anything when they were out here."

To which, Jamie said, "yeah... that was in September."

To which, I replied, "No, it was in January."

It was in September. Apparently Chandler, AZ has made me lose any sense of time or place.

When will the Cone-baby arrive? I have no idea.


I have an idea of when the baby is due! It is due today!

Take a look at the comments section.

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