Monday, March 14, 2005

Mrs. League here.

This will make the League very happy. After two years of annoyed avoidance of my unhealthy addiction to 'American Idol', the League has taken to actually following this season's offering of young hopefuls. In fact, last week after the men performed in the semi-finals, he picked up the phone and dialed with the explanation, "I gotta vote for my dudes."

The League's 'dudes' include Anwar Robinson and Nikko Smith.

In a sad turn of events, dude Nikko was voted off last week and did not make the final 12 (Incidentally, for you baseball fans, Nikko is the son of MLB player Ozzie Smith). However, in true American Idol style, one of the final 12 contestants (Mario) decided to leave the competition due to personal reasons. To fill Mario's place, the powers that be have invited Nikko BACK to be part of the final 12.


In other news, is both brilliant and disturbing.

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