Thursday, March 17, 2005


Today is my brother's 32nd birthday.

Jason Ricardomontalban Steans was born this day in 1973. You can usually check in on his drunken antics over at The Adventures of Steanso. He's sort of got a drinking problem, but I've chosen to find it high-larious, since pointing out he drinks too much just leads to me getting jabbed with a broken bottle and having to visit the ER for stitches.

The Steans Bros. in happier times

He seems to have had a pretty good 31st year, and we're all pulling for him to finally kiss a girl in his 32nd year. Also, this year, we have high hopes that at least one of his clients won't do the maximum stretch in Huntsville.

Keep reaching for the stars, Big Guy!

I couldn't think of anything good to get Jason for his birthday, so I sent him a few small items which I hope he enjoys. Jamie was in on the selection, and I hope one of the items shows up in time for the Mono E recording session which may or may not be scheduled for this upcoming week. Hopefully he'll really explore the studio space with the item Jamie got him.

Anyway, happy birthday to my brother. He's not much, but he's what I've got.

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