Thursday, June 23, 2005

After my moody and irrational rant over the past 48 hours or so, The League appears to have lost all readership.

You'd think I had been writing a celebration of the achievements of Stalin or something.

Ah, well.

Scaljon has a Meme on his site, and there's nothing like a good Meme to get the blood flowing.

1. What is the earliest movie you remember watching in the theater?

It might have been Grease at a drive in with my family (which led to me being confused in my memories years later as to whether or not the drive in had a swingset. I think my popcorn addled brain led me to believe that the swing set Danny rests his weary bones on when at the movies with Sandy was actually at my drive-in theater).

Or else it was Star Wars. I do not recall which came first. I imagine it was Star Wars.

2. If you could strike one word from the English language, which word would you choose and why?

I think I would strike unAmerican. I'm sick of hearing that because I won't endorse jack-ass schemes by chuckleheads I didn't vote for that I am unAmerican.

That's the magic of it. I was born here. Whatever I think is automatically American.

And I happen to think we should all bow down before Peer-Wun, God of Wicker.

3. If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite?

Jamie. Or cookies. I can't say "no" to either of them.

Or maybe those glowing green rocks created from the debris of my exploded homeworld. Those certainly don't do me any good.

4. Would you rather win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, Oscar, Pulitzer, or Nobel Prize? What work would you win it for?

Nobel prize. Can one win a Nobel Prize for blogging? I would actually like to win it for my imaginary work in medicine. And as long as we're imagining, also for my Mid-East Peace Plan which everyone can agree on. And for burying Tom Cruise in a vault two miles below the Earth's crust.

Or I'd like to win a Daytime Emmy for my work on General Hospital where I play Dr. Luke Strongheart.

5. What is your catch phrase? Don't have one? Then make one up!

I am sure Jamie THINKS I have a catch phrase, but I do not consciously employ a catchphrase.

I do say, "Oh, for the love of Mike..." sometimes. And I have consciously tried to work "Sweet Christmas!" into my repertoire, but I'm not sure it's really taken off.

"Sweet Christmas!" was the catchphrase of Marvel's street-level action star, Luke Cage (aka Power Man... But nobody calls him Power Man any more). Who knows where the catchphrase came from, but it's roundly considered one of the best/worst catch phrases of any superhero.

Read more about Luke Cage here.

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