Friday, June 24, 2005

The Beat reports on Morrison, DC Comics' new structure (using creative consultants), and Morrison's place within the cosmos.

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One item mentioned is the failed attempt by Mark Millar (Ultimates), Grant Morrison (JLA), and Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) to re-vamps Superman comics circa 2000.

In retrospect, failing to allow this team to take over the Superbooks was probably the biggest forehead slapper in the past ten years. Why DC failed to jump on this team of top-level talent is, at best, a total mystery. My guess is that they planned to dump continuity from 1986-2000, and DC wasn't having any of that.

What could have been, my friends.... what could have been.

Part of me, a very small part, wonders if the shakeout from the new Crisis won't have that effect, anyway.

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