Thursday, June 23, 2005

The League throws in with Comic Candy

Big, big news.

The League has posted his first comic review for another publication.

Jenn over at Comic Candy has posted The League's review of the Dark Detective series from DC Comics.

Jenn has gone beyond the usual comic-blog and has built a pretty darn cool website where she's trying to build a community of comic fans. I'm not sure where the site is going, but I do think Jenn has got it off to a great start.

Anyway, check out the review. Criticize my criticism. But also make sure you go to Comic Candy and look around, and maybe even sign up.

My guess is, I will post straightforward reviews there, while keeping Suggestions for Further Reading as a separate sort of column here, focusing on comic movies, comic info, comic trivia, and other items casual or non-comic readers might find amusing.

I do assume you all find it amusing or you wouldn't be here.

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