Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two Major items

1) The Spurs lost, sending the series to a nail-biting game seven. Which they will surely lose. At home.

Duncan looks like he needs to take a nice, long nap and listen to some self-affirmation tapes. Ginobili is rattled, but keeps pouring it on. And I'm seeing a lot of Barry, and I'm not sure why. Mohammad has been his reliable self, if not stellar. Big-Shot Bob was sort of shut down tonight as well.

The Spurs' 3-point percentage has been pretty poor, but they keep firing away. In addition, they seem hell bent on driving into the lane. Which is kind of nuts, because the Pistons' defense gets a turn-over (without a foul, I might add) each time they try this. Spurs need to learn to shoot from the perimeter, play more solid D, and... for God's sake, REBOUND. I know those ankles are killing you, Tim, but your job is to hop up and grab the ball, not let some dude named "Chauncey" take the ball away from you.

2) For those of you involved in the kerfuffle going on in the comments section, knock it off.

I will seriously turn this car around and we'll all go home. Or at least shut down comments.

I want an apology out of everybody.


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