Saturday, March 25, 2006

Jamie turns 31

It's March 25th, which means that we stand on the eve of Peabo's birthday.

It ALSO means that Jamie turns 31 today. In our house, we celebrate birthdays.

flowers and a balloon for the birthday girl

As youc an imagine, much of the celebrating took place while Jamie's parents, my parents and D&K were here. So today has been low-key.

First off was a trip to secure Jamie's birthday donuts, followed by consumption of donuts.

Around 12:00 we headed to Chandler Lanes for some bowling.

My first game in five years I bowled a 133. Not bad if I say so myself. Then I bowled a 95. Jamie bowled over 100 in both games. I loves the bowling, but it's kind of an odd thing to do with just two people and a lack of booze to keep your heand steady.

This afternoon I made a cake.

a birthday cake for a birthday girl

Jamie supplements her first piece of cake with a small addition

All in all, so far, a nice day. Yes, UT lost their game, but we're in a pretty good mood here, anyway. We will soon head for a local Thai restaurant, where I shall order a delicious soup.

Jamie and Lucy enjoy some sunshine. Mel is unpictured as he is retrieving a ball.

Happy birthday, sweetie-pie.

if you look closely, you can see Jeff on the floor enjoying a sunbeam

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