Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mellie Awards Special Report: The "Boo"

The League feels the need to step up to the plate and explain the "Boo" which has been appearing in the past few columns.

As we examine the responses of the Loyal Leaguers kind enough to send in answers to the puzzles that plague us here at League HQ, our team of researchers was looking for specific patterns which might help us better define the zeitgeist of the League-o-Sphere, and, possibly, the universe itself.

We noted that many Loyal Leaguers chose to not only take a pass on certain questions, but actively refused to answer some questions. Other Leaguers took such exception that blanket statements criss-crossing entire industries were delivered instead of answering the, admittedly, open-ended question.

Why a "Boo"?

It's all in good fun. Quit taking it so seriously. Geez, louise.

We've decided if anything is more entertaining than taking a stance on an entire industry, it's got to be taking exception to someone not dwelling in the minutia and pettiness that it takes to complete the nomination form for the Mellies.

Here at the Mellies, we like to think of ourselves celebrating the utter inanity of modern life, so we hope you'll understand a little good-natured teasing when you see fit to try to bring up the conversation above a fifth-grade level.

So, why a "boo"? What's a better time than booing people? You've clearly stated your dismissal of another person's ideals in three simple letters which are completely childish and simultaneously end all debate. At least it's not the "talk to the hand" award.

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