Monday, January 01, 2007

Our New Year

We had to turn down an invitation or two as we'd been extended an invitation early on for New Year's (nice change of pace after 4 years of solo-New Year's), and headed to The Bloom's.

Sorry to Steven and Lauren. We'll catch up next weekend.

And to Hilary (who I do not believe actually visits this site). We'll catch up ASAP.

Thanks to the Bloom's for inviting us.

Finally was able to get Andy his replacement mit (a lobster claw mit, to go with the Mr. Pinchy theme. It's a long story). Met the famous Rosa. And even Jen Shaw made a rare appearance.

Jason can fill you in on the rest here.

As for today:

We really didn't do much. I eventually woke up, let Lucy out, and fell asleep again on the couch. So Lucy froze outside for an hour. Poor Lucy.

At some point this morning, Jeff got out again. We just hear him crying somewhere, and Jamie headed off to find him. I went to make coffee and saw the poor little fella standing at the backdoor, freezing his tail off.

High-School chum Scott Wiser came by (on his Harley. Damn you, Scott) and we hung out this afternoon. It's been a long time since Scott and I hung out (something like 13 years), but it was great to see the guy again.

Tonight we're off to see "Dream Girls". Because, I confess, I am willing to spend two hours watching women in slinky dresses. And I suppose with Beyone, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx, the music should be a-ok, as well as most of the acting. Still, it shall be no Eragon.


Anonymous said...

Man, now that you are Steven/Lauren are friends, neither of you need me as a friend anymore. Worlds colliding!

- JD

The League said...

Oh, JD, there is always a spot for you. Your spot in our hearts is sort of the same one He-Man reserved for Orco.