Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is pretty much it


You may have noted some differences in the look of the site. I was more or less forced to update the blog thanks to changes within Blogger. Yes, it seems Blogger may have implemented new features since I first posted, lo, those many years ago. They now have some neat tools, and so I'm trying to integrate some of that.

One of the big things I'm going to try to work with is the "labels" or "topics" dealy. I think this will help me organize the archives in a manner more effective than trying to guess the date of a post. That said, I'm not going to backtrack and link EVERY Superman related post (though I gave it the old college try), comic book review, etc... Or at least I don't think I'm going to do so. Nor does this mean that I'm going to start writing specifically toward categories. I think. I hope.

I hope you like the basics of the new look. If not, sorry. This is the third look for the site, and it's stripped of a lot of the color, etc... which I assume longtime readers should be familiar. I played with a lot of templates and color-schemes, and this is the one I've settled on for the next several months, anyway.

As of now I am also not including links to sites which are not personal sites or comic/comic-related sites.

If you're missing something in particular, let me know.

Oh, I am also putting the monthly poll on hiatus. I'm not really sure how much anybody is really getting out of it.


Anonymous said...

Check out News8 websightings, I did one in your honour as promised after too much trivia and not enough beer. It's running every hour today, 12/31. Happy new Year.

The League said...

Great googildy moogildy! Tis' the greatest news of all of 2006! Thanks, Andy!

Laura said...

The site looks great. Happy new year!