Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RHPT, Mysterious M combine DNA. Logical product expected.

Randy knocked up M. They're gonna have a kid.

Well done, RHPT. I look forward to you being disappointed in your infant's inability to set Feedburner into his/her blog.

M, congrats. I do not believe I am alone in hoping that the child inherits your looks, wit and wisdom. And, of course, RHPT's DNA can offer... RHPT's... I am sure Randy has many good qualities that would somehow help. Maybe. Well, best of luck with that side of the helix.

All righty. Let's stay positive.

So... yeah. Kid. For RHPT. Wow. Luckily, M had babyproofed the house years ago for RHPT, and she has to cut his meat for him, so she is probably very prepared to bring a child into the world.

Congrats to the lucky couple.

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