Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday for Harms

Happy late birthday, Harms!

Last night we wound up at Manuel's up on Jollyville in N. Austin. (I know! I can't believe they let people in N. Austin eat anything but Lonestar Cafe, either Well, time marches on.)

It was a celebration of Stephen moving into his 30th trip around El Sol. We met some nice folks, re-met Steven's sister and her newly minted husband, had a margarita or two and had a dandy evening.

All in all, a succeful evening for Steven, I think. Unless he was really unhappy, in which case he did a good job of disguising it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite.

There's a Delaware Subs up in North Austin I used to frequent back in the day. Many a Friday night in 1996 I would purchase their turkey sub for dinner, consume it while watching the X-Files and Homicide, and then venture out into the night to whatever parties or gatherings I had on the social schedule. That was back when I had a social schedule.


Happy birthday, Harms.

The League said...

I would be curious to hear a student's definition of N. Austin. Most of my experience when I took folks up to my old stomping grounds when I was in college was "I had no idea this was up here."

Steven's not too far south of when I lived from 4th - 9th grade. They just have a lot more amenities now than they used to.

Anonymous said...

I lived between the Rundberg and Braker exits for a year or two. There were some nice apartment nestled somewhere amongst all of the strip centers . . . .

The League said...

Ah. That is reasonably far north. I knew many people who believed Austin ended at 51st street.

Steven said...

Due to having been out of the country in 98 I had to get an apartment at Braker and 183 my junior year.

It felt like the boonies, but there were some real up sides:
- Apartment asbestos free
- Garage
- No all night keggers
- Puke-free pool
- Sand Volleyball

The commute was a bitch, but i could grab the leander express at the arboretum, shoot in and land at the cattle crossing and shoot out in the evening.

I'd get in my self-satisfied read of the NYTimes on the way in. From time to time I'd drive in and pay at Dobie, or the uncovered lots, or park in the back of West Campus and hike up to the WC shuttle.

Actually, the LX from the arboretum was much less crowded, stinky, noisy, and predictable than the WC line.

J.S. said...

Happy b-day, Steven. Incidentally, the Rundberg area (especially the portion closer to I-35) is now a well-known haven for prostitutes and drug addicts. Of course, there's always the possibility that Jim D. began his career as a high powered crime lord in that area...

The League said...

That would explain Jim's henchmen and his prediliction for wanting to be called "Il Signor"