Monday, August 13, 2007

Slacker Cats

ABC Family, the network which was originally a religious network, then owned by Fox, before ABC bought it out.... is putting on a cartoon about two sex crazed, drug using cats. In prime time.

The League is no prude, but... I guess ABC means it when they brand their programming with "A New Kind of Family".

Anyhow, it appears to be in the mode of Family Guy or perhaps some of the Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network. And it is on kind of late.

Nonetheless, there's something almost oddly meta-satirical in the commercials, as if these spots are meant to exist as part of the background in some film about a dystopian future more than actually pitching ABC Family's new Fall line-up.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Maybe it'll be great. Who knows?


JAL said...

Would someone please just give us "Ow My Balls" already? "The Family Guy" is terrible and this looks just as bad. I don't quite know when the non-sequitur replaced the punchline, but I'd like for it to end. It's terrible writing, if you can even call it writing.

J.S. said...

Yeah, I immediately just thought that this show was trying to cash in on the success of Family Guy as well, and I don't even really like Family Guy. It's like ABC suddenly woke and decided, "Other networks seem to be having success with their sarcastic, irreverent cartoons. We need a sarcastic, irreverent cartoon." By the way, in case anyone didn't hear me the first time, Family Guy blows.

Michael Corley said...

I think someone should revoke the "family" in their name. perhaps we can stage a raid?

Anonymous said...

I've never seen such concentrated hatred for Family Guy. Most other people I know love the show.

Maybe you are all just a bunch of snobs?

The League said...

I'm staying out of the way of the Family Guy bashing. I've watched and enjoyed the show, but I agree that it has its faults. More than anything, I fear the second and third generation clones of the show. We've already seen American Dad not be... good.

But, uh... Randy. You're gonna have to do better than getting your dander up and calling other folks snobs. Let's hear a coherent argument in favor of Family Guy.

JAL said...

Just who is the "rhpt"? If I weren't busy organizing my ascots and club jackets, I'd challenge him to fisticuffs.

Say, I bet the next episode of The Family Guy involves one of the characters in an awkward sexual or derogatory situation where they learn a lesson with the help of a pop-culture icon. I'd also be dollars to donuts that the pop-culture icon comes out of the blue, like they don't really have a role in the story. It's because they don't. I'm all for post-modernism, but these writers just aren't trying. At least have your random absurdity serve to further the story and not take the place of it.

Steven said...

Boring and derivative. I can't wait for the ALF remake.

I think that this all took a turn when they started airing "Gilmore Girls". A single mother, having, you know, relations?

We need a nation that moves closer to the Waltons versus The Simpsons .