Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am stuck at work.

I am waiting for other people to do things so I can see that they are done. When they are done, I can go home.

In the meantime, here I sit. Alas.

My job is sort of unpredictable that way. It makes for long days sometimes. Especially when i came in early to address other issues and never managed to see daylight at any point. Because its been that kind of day.

Also, Steven Harms has gone dark.

Es Muy Mysterioso.

Just want to go home. Please, co-workers, quit screwing around.

It's been a long week.

And I have another day of it tomorrow. The job is okay, it's just moments like these that I miss actually being somebody else's manager and being able to give my co-workers a moment of pause when I ask if we couldn't be doing something faster or better. Or, at least, quit screwing around and just finish the darn thing.

I am paid to keep things in line. This is something my family is shocked by. They tend to think of me as sorta screwy, so the idea that at work my job is keeping the ball rolling gives them a moment of disconnect.

hey, good news. Jonathan just fixed something for us and he wasn't even on our project. That's rad.

Stuff like that is why I dig working here. Everything is sort of a team effort. Everything at my last office was also a team effort, but we were mostly working on the same projects, as it was a smaller office. Here, you never know when one of 60-odd people is going to wander over and say "Hey, I'm going to fix that. I've got a few hours" when they could totally be heading home.

Still sitting here though. I just want to release the project.

Release! Release!


Michael Corley said...

You shall not be free until you enter Mongo via the portal. You know, the one in the break room.

Steven said...

Much to my own chagrin this morning I couldn't check my email.

Network glitch or something, thought I and then I went to work.

As I sat to my morning coffee, I had the most incredibly good blog post idea, as I rushed to actualize it, I realized my domain had become an adwords farm.

I realize that my domain reg. had lapsed. Now, the people that IN THEORY provide the service called "WEB HOSTING" on my site are absolutely un-effing-reachable, so I've not been able to get an ETA on a fix, did you mail me to tell me this?, why the hell am I paying you? out of them.

Steven is investigating new hosting, and a domain transfer. Until that time, I may be offering the world caribbean vacations.



J.S. said...

We're not shocked because you're kind of screwy. We're shocked because the words "Ryan" and "deadline" or "schedule" were not things that often went comfortably together during your school years.

The League said...

You guys just never appreciated that I had my own MO

Anonymous said...

I do not know Randy, but he sure has a cute baby! Neat picture.