Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Batman + Braniff = Believe It!

I think if I were to tell you that at one point in the hsitory of DC Comics, Batman might hop in a commercial airliner, cape, cowl and all and enjoy a Sprite and bag of peanuts, even folks who never picked up a comic might find the idea sort of cockamamie. But there was a weird period in DC lore when such a thing was possible.

Anyway, the original dialog has been replaced, but there's a comic meme that's started featuring The Dark Knight flying commercial, seated with little-known 70's era, post-Bruce Lee Kung-Fu master Richard "Dick" Dragon.

Here's the first post (recall all dialog HAS been replaced).

Here's the second.

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Michael Corley said...

I would have thought that odd, but having listened to the radio plays with Superman and Batman, I do not.

Some plots even included people visiting Batman at "his house" (I think it was at least not the mansion, but a ancillary home). And Batman speaking at public events, the way a politician might.

A bit of a cry from The Dark Knight I know.