Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you're wondering why there's no post today, I put my energy last night into my Comic Fodder weekly ramblings. You can read my post here.

Not much else to report. I think Jamie has a cold of some sort.


NTT said...

So have you changed your mind on Final Crisis then? :-D

The League said...

Actually, not really. A lot of this is worrying about stuff that will happen months down the road. now I am concerned Morrison's ideas will be compromised, but I'm still good with everything on Crisis but what seems to be an extended release schedule.

Always a killjoy.

Meredith said...

Okay, dear God I could have lived my WHOLE life and never heard Brownie High again and been fine. I do remember a little of the scandal, although I was a newbie to drama then.....my main theater memories centered around Valenta...but funny to see Jim comment on it and on he and Julie performing together. Not really 'together' but in the same show I guess. My how times have changed. And for a REAL throw back for you, Ryan, I just mailed my green sequined prom dress to Greg Stanley, who is now a drama teacher in Houston and wants it for a show....life has a way of coming full circle. :) Oddly enough.