Friday, December 19, 2008

Drunk History

This series I found at "Funny or Die" brought back some painful, fuzzy memories from college. Leaguers may recall that one of side-effect of graduating from high school was that I sort of earned a History degree from the Univ. of Texas. Anyhow, what I liked about history (well, probably one of my favorite things in life) is real stories.

To some degree, I think that's why I prefer watching Discovery, History Channel, what have you to most hour-long dramas. Or even will listen to Nicole rattle on for hours at a time. But, there's so much real stuff out there that's kind of mind-blowing that I don't feel compelled to see Jack Bauer's latest water-boarding adventure.

Occasionally, back in school when I'd tied one or two on, I'd find some "in" in the conversation that would remind me of something from class, and I would feel compelled to share.

I imagine that when I relate most of my book-learnin', whether sober or otherwise, it sounds not unlike the work of...


Here's a link to more
. Beware the, uh... usual side effects of drinking a bottle of vodka, etc... There are swears, confusion, and some, uhmmm... purging.


JAL said...

so far, I think the Oney Judge one is the winner.

The League said...

I agree. There's something special about the storyteller's delivery mixed with the re-enactment that hits all the right notes.