Friday, December 19, 2008

Top 100 people

I seriously would not take it upon myself to compile a list of 100 People of 2008, but nobody is paying me to be a full time blogger. Even then I'd think it a lot of unnecessary work.

But USA Today's pop culture wunderkind, Whitney Matheson, has done exactly that. And Jim Parsons it at number 35.

And Kanye West is at 37?

Man, if I was even on the same list as Kanye West anywhere, even on someone's "To Kill in 2009" list, I would be flattered. But to be 2 spaces in front of Mr. West?

Suck it, Kanye! Sheldon's emotionally challenged physicist is the new cool.

And if we're looking to off-kilter geniuses, then its not surprising that David Byrne sits at #34. Maybe next year, Jim.

I was going to mention other highlights, such as Samantha Bee at #39 and Kristen Wiig at #25, but the whole list is made up of highlights. But is anyone more highlightier than Mad Men's Christina Hendricks at #31? I think not.

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J.S. said...

Jim should worry. Kanye West is actually probably crazy enough to try to kill all the people above him on the list until he reaches number one.