Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emergency post: Change of URL

Hi all.

Looks like my relationship with GoDaddy is over with. We're now back at publishing at:

Please update your links.


J.S. said...

For heaven's sake, don't mess with the URL.

Anonymous said...

Youse lawyerly members of the LoM should wrestle the domain back from the Russian who currently owns it.

Or, you can simply blame The League for being negligent in renewing the domain.

The League said...

Well, as I recall, when someone wanted me to get the URL a while back... someone whose name rhymes with "Dandy"... I said "this is going to get screwed up. We don't need another URL."

Also, I never got the GoDaddy e-mail. Leastways not in my Inbox. Maybe in my junk mail.