Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate - staying together for the kids

So... that post-scandal season premiere was sort of horrible. TLC has moved from exploiting the cute kids to exploiting the wreck that being on television has created of the family.

Its kind of weird and sad. At any rate, the show is about something else entirely this season.


J.S. said...

Those kids are going to have one heck of a surreal childhood. Their earliest memories are going to include camera crews and producers (constantly following them around), various nannies and bodyguards, and a couple of parents who were seething with barely contained animosity. At least those kids will have each other as they get older (I guess).

NTT said...

Unfortunately, the season premiere tripled its average ratings so there's no way TLC or Jon & Kate are letting this one go. I hope those children have fat trust funds when this is all over.

The League said...

Ditto on that, NTT. I am still deciding if I will continue to watch. I mean, yeah, I could claim some moral high road, but I sort of suspect I'll watch until I just hate everyone involved and quit cheering for Jon's escape.