Thursday, May 28, 2009


My new hero:

13 year old Kennyi Aouad in the 2009 Scripps Spelling Bee.

All of these kids are amazing. Seriously. They all give me hope that I rarely get when I deal with 13-year-olds in the wild.

But Kennyi brought pro-sports-like sideshow personality to the competition. And when he got the word wrong in round 11, he felt he needed to reassure the audience (and himself) that it was okay, and he'd tried his best.

I don't often apply the word "moxie" to spelling bee competitors, but Kennyi has it by the truckload.

alas, he was taken down by the word "palatschinken". Yeah, I'd never heard it either, but it seems to be some sort of pancake-like item


NTT said...

Life would be simpler if they just call it a dang "crepe". Sheesh, people make it so complicated.

The League said...

I shall see if I can't get you assigned to the Newspeak Committee in order to clear up this little problem. ;)