Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 2 with NuDawg

We are working out the dynamics of the pack.

Lucy and Scout are not really getting along as they jockey for dominance or something. Really, the issue is that Scout has certain ideas about personal space, etc... that Lucy completely does not have. Lucy is also a ball of relentless affection, and I sort of think she is confused by Scout's stand-offish, new-to-the-pack, let-me-get-comfortable stance on this whole thing.

For good or ill, this is how Lucy sleeps every night. Inverted.

-Lucy is tired. That's something.
-Scout likes people pretty well so far. Jason sat with her this evening, and she was very calm and comfortable with him.
-The two dogs get along totally fine in the backyard. So its a "are you cornering me?" growl that we're getting. Lucy is cornering her, but Lucy corners everyone all the time by climbing onto the couch with you, sitting on you, etc...
-There have been no actual fights.
-Scout has this stuffed bunny we brought from the pound, and she likes it enough that we can use it to get her to follow us when she's otherwise anxious.
-Scout was pretty excited to see me this evening, so I'm taking that as a good sign.
-I'm probably hoping for too much, but it seems like Scout came pre-house-broken. Granted, we have stained concrete on the first floor, and she's been gated off the stairs, so who knows what will happen once she steps foot on carpet.
-And she totally ignores Jeff so far.

Scout enjoys a poolside flair to her bedding. And that's her bunny. She really loves Bun.

Anyway, its tiring. I'm tired. Both dogs conked out around 9:00. Jamie was clearly wiped out when we spoke as I was leaving work. And it's 10:10 and I'm calling it a night.

So there.

Have a good one, Leaguers.


rhpt said...

At least they're not humping each other trying to establish dominance.

(I am posting this twice because I used the wrong post the first time).

The League said...

We'll see plenty of that as the Class of 2013 enters the UT campus in a couple of weeks here.

J.S. said...

Did anyone else hear a rimshot in their head as they read that last comment?

J.S. said...

I think Scout is a smart dog. I like her a lot.

Michael Corley said...

I too am dealing with a new dog dealing with two old dogs. Fun times!